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[Tank Command]

[Free At Last] @ Sat Jul 13 19:41:48 2002
Your wait is over! I've just uploaded version 0.44, so head on over to the download section and get it. There's a lot of changes in this one, so I highly recommend upgrading. Enjoy!

[Not Dead!] @ Sun Jul 7 05:21:29 2002
Despite what you may think, the project is not dead, and in fact we're nearing release 0.44. The delay is because Andrew is on vacation and I got lazy ;). But rest assured, the next release is coming sooner rather than later, and I personally guarantee you'll love it, or your money back! In the meantime, I've uploaded screenshots of current CVS

-Chris Kite echelon@graffiti.net

[Release 0.43] @ Fri Jun 07 00:45:56 2002
The latest release (0.43) has just hit the servers, so go get it while it's hot. This release features a scoring system, an animated machine gun on the jeep, and new terrain.

[Release 0.42] @ Fri May 31 17:06:03 2002
The all new, vastly improved Tank Command 0.42 has just been released. Grab it from the download page and see pictures of it under the screenshots section.

Tank Command Development team:
Chris Kite
Andrew Van Osselaer

[New Graphics] @ Thr May 30 13:27:58 2002
Tank Command 0.41 has been released. We are very close to the release of 0.42 which will feature new enemy types, compleletly new graphics, and new terrain. Of course if you can't wait, you can always download and compile it from CVS

[First Release] @ Sat May 25 15:57:45 2002
I uploaded the first file release of Tank Command today, version 0.4. It is available in the Files section. I will also have some screenshots of the new version conveniently located under the Screenshots link.

by Chris Kite
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